I believe in a client-centred approach, which entails finding what works best for my clients and their families. Every child is unique and therefore requires therapy that has been tailored to their individual needs.

I maintain regular contact with other professionals that are involved in educational or care-giving roles with my clients, such as daycare staff and SLPs in community programs. This way I can ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and that ultimately my client receives the full benefit of all services being provided.

TLC – Assessment

Play-based assessments involve parental interview, and observation of and interaction of their children.

TLC – Therapy

Areas of communication that I provide therapy for include:

Articulation, motor speech & phonology: producing sounds in combination in running speech, overall clarity
Receptive language: understanding vocabulary, commands, and questions
Expressive language: how a child communicates (i.e.-words, gestures), grammar, sentences
Pragmatics and play: the social use of language, example-eye contact, joint interaction
Fluency: the smoothness and continuity of speech
Feeding: picky eaters, texture-dependent eaters, chewing

TLC – Daycare & Community Programs

I offer in-person and phone consultation to daycare staff regarding shared clients. I can also complete screenings on children in the daycare. In-daycare therapy is also an option.


My fees for assessment and therapy are consistent with the guidelines generated by OSLA (The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists). Please contact me for more details.

Many employers provide coverage through their benefits plans for speech and language assessment and therapy for their employees and their families.

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